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Avante Renegades! Beauty? And in today’s program Cido , Digão , Dza , Miho and Michelin  enter the DeLorean and travel No time to remember the Back to the Future Trilogy !!

In the episode: Discover some fun facts about the films, see how Michael J. Fox is a great actor, learn why Chuck Berry was successful, understand how the second film in the trilogy makes no sense and thank the guy who does the father Marty act badly (or not). Get on your hoverboard, put your shoes that ties alone and Press Play now !! (or after or before, you know)

Duration:  63 minutes

Presale – Book The Legend of Materyalis: The Chronicles of Aliank – Volume 1

Chris Martin And Michael J. Fox perform Johnny B. Goode

Book – Back to the Future: Behind the Scenes of The Trilogy

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